Friday, May 28, 2010


what is your full name?
Nurfatihin Binti Zainal

when is your birthday? 
10 JULAI 1989

what is your daddy's name? 
Zainal Bin Rahmat [ serious papa ]

what is your mum's name?
Liza Binti Mat Zain [ rock mama ]

how many siblings do you have?

where do you live?

complicated : half of my life's at Terengganu + another half at Johor

your favourite colour?
red and brown,dun forget white and black too

still studying?
yes but if i given a choice ' saya nak kawen '

do you have a bestfriend? 
yes,i have

do you love them?

yes of course!i do love them mucho2 ..

or jazz? 
pop but sumtyme i can accept jazz

chicken or beef?

beef !! yum3

coke or 100 plus?
coke ! energetic [ konon ]

what brand is your purse? 
Fendi and converse !! wee ~

how much do you have in your wallet right now? 
RM46.60 [ baru lepas byr bil broadband syu ] hikhikhik

high heels or flat?

i wear all kinds of shoes

skirts or jeans?

of course jeans .. n i prefer to wear skinny or tight jeans.. haha

shirt or blouse?

shirt !! blouse ? rimas!!

watch or bracelet?

both..always wear it

favourite watch's brand? 
im wearing U2..but still find for another brands ~ couple set watch!!omg

do you have boyfriend?
err..rr yes [ alamak,jatuh saham !]

did you love him? 
i do love him so much !! 

did you ever kiss him?
by phone only~ haha..mmuuaaaahhxxx !!

facebook or myspace?

what is your dream?
getting married [ gatal glenyar ] haha

please tagged other 10 friends of yours.

to those who want to do this, just do

Thanks to mye..sorry,sis buat tag ni sgt lambat..hee ~

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