Sunday, January 30, 2011

love me more ?

I wish you loved me.
Hearing your voice ,
bring me up up and away ,
See-ing your smile ,
bring me far away .
Touch your hand , 
bring me in my own world.

I get butterflies
when i know you want to coming ,
you got me .

I just wanna to say that I LOVE YOU so bad ,
but at the same time ,
I dont want scare you away.

I see , I saw
you're facebooking with another womens & girls
if i can tell 'em
if i can ! if i can !

But the truth is ; 
im just only your friend , but i wanna be much more baby .


xtahu nak tuju jadah poem ni kat sape :D


applemasam said...

emm...tyka pon felt the same way la..huhuhu...cume xbrani nk ckp jek..hehe

pat!hing said...

@tyka ; u've your own blog . luahkan je lahh , tape tape , tihin dah luahkan tuk tyka , nk copy amik jelahhh,nk edit siket2 pun tak kesa :)huu