Thursday, January 6, 2011

wish i'd never grow up

I wish things could always be this way.
You've got to grow up sometime, they say.
But I think we'll be kids forever.
They tell the bad boys to be good.
As if they ever could?
Or even know how.
Now look at this from my perspective.
It may not be right..
But it's the way we live.
I could stare at the clouds all day.
And forget we've got authority to obey.
Because we really don't care.
You should see the way we grin.
To survive this world we live in,
We've got to take it easy..
And growing up ain't easy.
Don't you wish we could be kids forever?
I'd like to be a kid forever.

credit to : MissyShea

but , my buddy saids :

and u'r right JOE ! :)


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