Tuesday, October 19, 2010

private ; will coming !

on my way to private my personal blog .
i need my own space .
to bebel all out .

i need some place .
to calm my own heart .

i need a beautiful garden ,
to create my own life's 

leave me ur email , i'll allow u read my blog my dears .

blogging become more complicated .


NadiaShafiqa said...



itu.aku said...

bakpe semakin private ?

Affieza said...

Blogging become more complicated???

pat!hing said...

k.nadia : :)

anis : i need my own privasi .

k.fiza : aah , tak semua pk mcm yg sy pk .

NadiaShafiqa said...

tabahlah tihin... :)

itu.aku said...

may i read that blog ?

pat!hing said...

k.nadia : tihin kan kuat seperti 46biji pisang . hehe

anis : gimme ur email . i'll allow you sayang . :D . keep it as a secret , jgn cerita kat org kg taw . muehehe